Does Fraxel Works for Long Term Collagen Production?

Does Fraxel Laser create long term collegen production? I know the C02 works very well. Does fraxel just take away skin and not damage the tissue so it can produce more collegen?

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Fraxil and collagen

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Fraxil is a trade name for fractionated laser treatment. There is a non-ablative fractionated Fraxil which does not work very well to increase new collagen. But, the CO2 - ablative Fraxil and other fractionated CO2 lasers do promote collagen production to remove fine lines and wrinkles. I recommend the Active and Deep FX fractionated CO2 lasers since they are less painful and have faster healing that other fractionated lasers. The collagen they produce lasts 5-10 years but any laser can not stop you from aging so plan on additional treatments every few years to maintain your correction and look younger.

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