Does Fraxel Work Better on Old or New Scars?

I have a burn scar on my thigh from about 2 months ago. I went to a dermatologist and have scheduled to do a fraxel treatment in about a month. The doc gave me a bleaching cream to use now. I notice that the bleaching cream is actually working quite well and the scar has faded a lot. I was thinking if I should wait for another 2 months and use the cream before trying the fraxel. But will I be missing the best time for the fraxel if I wait until the scar is older? Or just do it next month? thanks

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Scar and Fraxel

Fraxel may improve the scar if done many months from now. But if you are seeing improvement with the cream, then texutre may not be an issue with your scar but only color. If that's the case, continue to use the cream under the doctor's care.  If there is a hypertrophic raised scar, then there are other treatments such as V-beam, corticosteroid injections and special dressings that are made to be placed on scars. Check with your doctor.

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Rx creams DO help early scars

As long as your are seeing improvement, you might want to stick with the current treatment. Be sure to use SPF as well in the summer when you wear shorts and skirts. As long as the scar is a year old or less, you can get same results. It is dermabrasion that has been found to need to be done in the 2 month window after injury. Fraxel, even years later, has been found to help burn scars. Good luck.

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Fraxel for the Treatment of Burn Scar


If your scar is resolving well with time and the bleaching cream, you can wait as long as improvement continues.  I would follow the advice and guidance of your treating physician as to what is best for you.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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Scar revision with Fraxel

While there are a few studies to suggest that dermabrasion performed 6-8 weeks after injury may result in improvement, I am not aware of any such study evaluating Fraxel at 8 or 12 weeks or any longer than that following injury.

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