Would Fraxel Work on Scar Tissue Inside Lip Resulting from Maxilla Surgery?

I had various surgeries resulting from bone graft to repair bone loss in upper maxilla (2005-2007). I now have a a thick scar tissue along upper lip. This thickening has caused loss of lip mobility, making it difficult to speak properly. Would Fraxel or other type of laser treatment work for described problem? I have tried therapy, medication, acupuncture...nothing has worked.

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Fraxel for scar

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I am not able to enlarge your photo with good resolution so I can not determine the nature of your scar, nor the feel of it. Fraxel may improve some hypertrophic scars, but the V-beam laser and cortisone injections can help too. It is worth it for you to see a dermatologic or plastic surgeon that is expert at lasers and scar revision in consultation to determine what is best for you.

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