Fraxel Left White Spots All over my Face

I had Fraxel done for a dark age spot on my cheek. They decided to do my entire face and I agreed. :( Now a week later my face has big white spots everywhere and I look like a burn victim. Makeup is not heavy enough to cover it and I am being asked what happened when I go out...very embarassing to say the least. The brown spot is gone but the white spots are multiple and look worse than the original spot. I was told I would need more flaxel and am thinking No at this point. Suggestions???

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Fraxel for a dark spot

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your reaction is not a typical reaction and it is impossible to give you guidance without seeing you for an examination and determining the type of pigment reduction in your skin. We often use a Wood's light to look at hypopigmentation which can help determine if there is diminished or total loss of pigment. Unless there is a blistering and scarring reaction, I can't imagine a permanent loss of pigment.  initially there may be a temporary lightening and a consultation with a makeup specialist can help you feel more confident about socializing while awaiting for the skin to heal into its normal color and then you can decide if you will have more Fraxel. Wear a sunscreen to protect your skin.

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