Will Fraxel Work for Dark Circles Under Eyes?

I have bags under the eyes and considering a treatment. Do you think Fraxel will help to improve the color?

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Fraxel for undereye bags and dark circles

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Bags under the eye are usually a collection of fat which has displaced itself. The best solution for bags is surgery, but if surgery is out of the question or undesirable, and you are willing to accept some downtime and the possibility of multiple treatments, Fraxel Repair has proved in my practice to make some serious improvement in redundant skin under the eye.

Once you've addressed the issue of the bags, then you may find that the dark circles were more from shadowing than anything else. If they remain, then a topical product with Vitamin K will help - IF the discoloration is from the capillaries beneath the skin.

Pigmented skin (more brown in color as opposed to the bluish tint associated with blood cells) might better respond to a pigment suppression product with ingredients such as kojic acid and or arbutin. Hydroquinone or those with hydroquinone may be too irritating in the eye area. Fraxel Restore would be my last suggestion for pigmentation but it would not affect the bags as Fraxel Repair can.

Depending on your skin type, either of the Fraxel lasers have the potential to create a pigmentation problem. Ethnic skin types run a much higher risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - a side effect from laser heat application. If you elect laser treatments, be sure your chosen physician has a great amount of experience.

This is not an area you want to have treated by a novice -- or if you are from a genetic background with high pigment, someone who does not have a lot of experience treating your particular skin type.

Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel repair will help dark circles to some degree

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Neither Fraxel restore nor repair will completely eliminate the dark discoloration of the lower eyelids. This difficult problem is likely caused by the breakdown of red blood cell contents into hemosiderin, which darkens the skin. The restore will not have much of an effect on the color while the repair will ighten it somewhat. My opinion is based on our experience with both lasers, having performed around 1000 restore treatments and hundreds of repair treatments.

Best of luck!

Min S. Ahn, MD, FACS
Westborough Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Laser treatments will not be effective for bags under eyes

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I think if your primary concern is "bags" under the eye, laser treatments will not be as effective as a surgical procedure. Since there are many reasons for darkness under the eye--laxity of skin, blood vessels, heredity, and allergies--it is best to consult a physician and have them evaluate you.

Tomi L. Wall, MD
Oakland Dermatologic Surgeon

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