Fraxel Treatments Have Left Skin Bumpy, Purplish, Wrinkled. What Should I Do?

Had extreme reaction and swelling. 7 months after last treatment now I am suffering with large pores, white bumpy orange peel texture ,dark purplish colour that is worsened by cold air. But even worse are the million wrinkles and pox marks not there before I started the treatments and my face looks so gaunt and thin with very dark circles under the eyes. Is there anything I can do to improve my skin?

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Fraxel for facial texture improvement

You are describing multiple reasons to be unhappy.  These changes are not ones that I have heard of after Fraxel Restore from Solta (formerly, Reliant). Was this a different fractional laser brand? Also reduction of  the size of the pores is not a given benefit and in fact, there is no guarantee yours will improve. You should see your doctor for an in-person examination in which the skin can be examined by magnification. I have never heard not seen more wrinkles develop after Fraxel rejuvenation. You will need an in-person second opinion if your doctor can't help you.

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