Fraxel and Thermage Combo for Nasal and Jowls Area?

On Wednesday I made full payment on CC for this (not CO2) "Fraxel/Thermage combo for nasolabial folds and jowls area" but am concerned that it will look funny if they don't do the Fraxel on my entire face ie; around my eyes and up my forehead. My MD is having some experts come in offering this at half price but they requested payment in advance and this only occurred to me last night. Can anyone please advise me on this?I am going to have to know what other experts say.

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Thermage Fraxel combo for face

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If your face is being partially treated by Fraxel REpair, you may have some demarcation of the area treated vs. the area not treated. If it is Fraxel Restore, it should be fine. If you have Fraxel REpair and are unhappy with the rest of the face not treated, it can be treated in the future, but many physicians do treat the whole cosmetic unit, such as the perioral area without the rest of the face. Treating a whole cheek is better than part of a cheek if that's what's planned. Good luck

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Fraxel and Thermage combo for nasal and jowls area?

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Hi Chellamia,

Most patients prefer full facial treatment with Fraxel repair (CO2). If you are not having CO2, but you are having Fraxel restore, then it won't matter, you don't need your entire face treated. If you are having Fraxel restore, then you should have a series of 3-5 treatments for best results.

Having "experts" come in and treating at "half" price sounds a little fishy. Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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