I Had Fraxel for Strech Marks on my Buttocks, I Was Applying D-melan for Pigmentation , Pi

pigmentation has reduced to some extend, but i still have pigmentation ,and now i am applying retino a ,should i go for fractional laser again? what could be the best cream for reducing pigmentation?

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Fraxel for hyperpigmentation

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Although there is a risk of developing hyperpigmentation from the Fraxel, or any, laser, there is a possiblility of improvment. You should use a strong lightening cream but there is no one best cream. Some have steroids which can cause too much lightening of the surrounding skin and can induce stretch marks or atrophy in certain body sites.Some people react to strong hydroquinone creams with irritation, or even allergy. Trial and error may be the best but ask your doctor for suggestions with the cream.

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