4/5 Fraxel Re-Store vs 1 Fraxel Repair, What Is the Difference?

If 4 or 5 Fraxel Re-Store treatments are recommended, wouldn't it be faster and more cost effective to have just one Fraxel Re-Pair?

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Fraxel re:pair is quite different than Fraxel re:store. Know the difference before you commit!

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Re:pair is a treatment that is invasive and has a significant improvement BUT leaves you with oozing skin for a week or so if done at a strong enough level to achieve good results.  Re:store, on the other hand, is NOT invasive and leaves your skin without significant changes. 

I have done both and am not all that impressed with re:store, but love my re:pair.  On the other hand, the challenges of taking off a week to recover have led me to encourage the Ulthera in my practice rather than re:pair for most people who want results but don't have any ability for downtime.

Ulthera produces lift (I haven't ever seen that with re:store) and you can go out to dinner that evening and look great.  I'd look into that instead of re:store if that is your goal.  Good luck!

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