What is Fraxel SR750 or SR1500?

I just want to know, which between "Re:Store" or "Re:fine" does Fraxel SR750 belong to? I've done some research on the latest Fraxel SR1500 which is also known as "Re:store", but I can't find whether "Re:fine" is actually this older version of Fraxel SR750, or it's something completely different.

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The manufacturer is the same

The Fraxel Re:fine is a lower wavelength than the Re:store and is not an older version. It does not penetrate as deeply as the Re:store. It was manufactured by the same company to allow non physician spa staff to treat skin but it absolutely will not give the same result as that achieved by Re:store. The SR750 was the first version of the Re:store but it has since been upgraded to the SR 1500. This penetrates even deeper than the SR750 which as stated previously, treats deeper layers than the Re:fine.

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