Are Broken Capillaries and PIH Permanent Fraxel Side Effects?

After 5 fraxel treatments I have PIH and broken capillaries. Is this permanent? The PIH has been treated with a 6-week regimen of Tx skin care products with 4% hydroquinone. I now see the broken capillaries underlying the faded PIH areas. Is this a permanent state of affairs? Even if IPL treatments remove broken capillaries, will future sun exposure exacerbate these complications, regardless of stringent SPF use?

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IPL and Hyperpigmentation-Skin Care Help

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It appears that you are on the right track as far as the skin treatments go. The hydroquinone will help with the hyperpigmentation issues.

The broken capillaries will take some time to go away, but they may not. At that point, later on once everything has healed and you have given it enought time to resolve, then I would consider IPL to help with the capillaries.

Post procedure care is as important as pre procedure regimen. That means that you take good care of your skin afterward with good sun blocks and skin cleansers. Results are not permanent, but its longevity can be lenghtened by a good skin care regimen.

Hope that helps.

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