Best Fraxel Setting to Prevent Milia Appearance?

I would like to know what's the best setting of Fraxel for under the eye area. Milia is appearing.

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Milia prevention with Fraxel

You don't mention how closely spaced the treatments were, but this could have some bearing on your last treatment response with milia. It is not an uncommon response.

Because the skin has been selectively "wounded", the process of healing occurs over time. Also, because the laser creates heat, your skin will go through a period where it is a little dry for the first week or so.

The skin makes an effort to keep itself lubricated and this lubrication comes from naturally produced oils. If your body sensed a higher than acceptable moisture loss, then it will activate the oil glands.

Milia are little more than hardened oil deposits. I'm wondering if whatever post treatment product you used kept the oil from dispersing over the skin surface. An occlusive product like aquaphor is often used, but some skins don't like it.

7 treatments seems like a lot unless the purpose was for acne or other scarring.

Let your skin take a break and use a gentle cleanser along with a facial cleansing brush like Clarisonic to help open the skin so the milia can resolve. If they do not, your physician remove them by breaking the skin surface with a small needle that will not cause any scarring. Don't attempt to do this on your own. Lasered skin is in a healing process for several months and you could create scarring if you put too much pressure on the tissue.

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