Amino Genesis Skin Cream w/ Fraxel?

I Did Fraxel 3 Sessions (Not the Version with CO2 Laser) then 2 Months After Fraxel I put Amino Genesis Tripeptinon skincream on my face. It said the Amino Genesis is so cutting edge because it goes to lowest levels of skin (like no other skincare ever before) and then organizes itself into bi-level layers to trap moisture in the skin. If Fraxel takes 6 months to see results with it's collagen remodeling, Is the collagen Remodeling going to be harder having used the Amino Genesis? Is it ok I used Amino Genesis? Will it make the Fraxel not work?

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Fraxel neocollagenesis ( newer collagen ) won't be disturbed by creams

I doubt that Fraxel stimulation of your new collagen would be prevented by the use of any cream. This has not been tested however, nor has the claims of your cream, via peer-reviewed scientific testing methods published in medical journals.

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