Fraxel Ruined my Neck/Chest. What Can I Do About the Resulting Hyperpigmentation?

I had fraxel on my neck and chest several years ago and now have hyper-pigmentation that has only gotten worse through the years. Unfortunately, the dr stopped in the middle of my neck so I have the 'old' light skin right below my chin to the middle of my neck (which looks soooo much better, smooth and no pores.) and the 'new' fraxel skin (chicken skin, raised pores, darkened) from my mid-neck down. Any way this can be repaired?? Thanks

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Treatments for Hyperpigmentation After Laser Treatment

In order to provide accurate advice on what treatment is best you need to be seen in the office. However, the Lumenis One Intense Pulsed Light should be able to improve the hyperpigmentation and irregularity in your skin color.

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