Is Fraxel right for me?

I am 61 years old & always had a little rosacea reddening, then about a year ago, developed large watery pimples that form constantly, usually chin & nose area. I went for Fraxel & was put on Apprilon first. It cleared immediately, & when I finished it, immediately came back. Staying on it can't be good. And now I am wondering, if Fraxel will be the right thing. I've had 2 different sets of IPL (pre-rosacea pimples) a few years back, results were good but very temporary. Your thoughts?

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Rosacea Treatments

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Rosacea or adult acne is best treated with a combination of topical or oral antibiotics.  Fraxel is fabulous for acne scars but is not the treatment for acne.  V-Beam or Blue light have both been used to treat redness or acne.  Please find a board certified dermatologist with experience in both cosmetic and medical dermatology for the best results.

Fraxel treatments

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Fraxel is not a treatment for the redness or pimples of rosacea.  IPL or pulsed dye laser, perhaps with photodynamic therapy, would be a more appropriate treatment, but there is no cure for rosacea.  Speak to your dermatologist about your rosacea triggers and topical therapy to try and gain better control of your rosacea.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

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