Ridge After Fraxel Normal?

I had one Fraxel treatment on my nose to treat larger pores 2 months ago. Subsequently, a ridge or lump has appeared across my nose. I think it may be the result of skin tightening. Have you seen lumpy results from Fraxel on the nose? Is this normal? The pores are better and I would like to have another treatment, but this ridge is worrisome.

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Fraxel...Ridge on Nose After Treatment for Pores

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Hi Gmb,

Which Fraxel treatment did you have, restore or repair?

I have not seen the ridge that you are describing in all of the patients that I have treated over the past 4 years (1 year with repair).

You should discuss your questions and concerns with your treating physician, check that the settings are appropiate for the thin skin of your nose.

Be well.

Dr. P

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