Fraxel, Revilite or Peels for Melasma on my forehead? Caused by the pill. Dull, losing elasticity Skin starting to sag (Photo)

I'm 30, been using the pill forever & in sales so in the sun alot. I have changed my pill to implant. My skin regime Lyctera, Vit A & Vit B. serums and SPF50. I want a brighter, smoother & hydrated complexion & remove my melasma on my forehead. I have seen two medical professionals. One recommended Fraxel, the other Revlite NYag laser in that I don't have to go so aggressive with good results. Which is better? Or should I do NYag with a lighter peel or use Obagi range in conjunction with it?

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Melasma and best treatment

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Melasma is a very difficult skin condition to treat.  Strict sun avoidance is imperative after whichever procedure you decide.  I have had great success with Fraxel, Clear and Brilliant, and Cosmelan treatments.  I suggest you consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience in cosmetic dermatology for the best results.

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