Are Fraxel Restore Unusual Side Effects Caused by Too High Energy Levels?

i have read that some patients here with the fraxel restore can peel in large white chunks, which i guess would be called scaling? is that mostly due to too high energy or too high treatment level? second, some have said there skin stays pink for 4-6 weeks with the restore, is that due that due to high energy or treatment levels?

How can I avoid these kinds of side effects?

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Fraxel restore for rejuvenation

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Every patient is different in terms of the energies, densities, treatment levels that we use with the Fraxel Restore. It depends on the amount of sundamage, wrinkling, acne scars and sunspots, the age of the patient and their skin's elasticity and collagen properties. If the Fraxel Restore Dual laser is used, then the downtime is even greater. It is very difficult to compare stories from one patient to the next as different variables are employed. It is important to discuss wtih your physician what your goal is to achieve in appearance and for the physician to inform you as to your expected recovery time and course of events. Some have minimal scaling and redness, and others have more swelling and even a light brown scaling with the Restore. The Dual can actually have sheets of brown peeling skin. People usually function after the Restore without staying at home, but some will stay at home after the Fraxel Dual for several days until their skin becomes more even in coloration and after the bulk has peeled away. The skin is redder for a while after the Dual than the Restore.

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Fraxel restore or Fraxel restore Dual Side Effects

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Hi Mike,

Fraxel restore is a non-ablative fractionated Erbium laser. Skin should not peel in large "chunks", and the skin color should return to near normal after 7 to 10 days. Fraxel restore treatment alone results in very fine (think confectionary sugar) flaking for a few days.

The newly released Fraxel restore Dual laser adds a 1927 nanometer Thulium laser (Solta is the only laser company offering this patented wavelength) which targets brown pigment. When this laser is combined with the restore component of Dual, then skin peels at about day 4 to 7 after treatment. The skin color may take a few weeks to return to normal from the rosey, glowing hue on day 7.

Adverse events may occur with any laser in which improper (too high) energy levels are employed.

Discuss your cosmetic goals with your laser physician, and choose your laser physician most carefully to avoid adverse events. Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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