Acne Scars Aren't Responding to Fraxel

4 Fraxel re:store treatments on settings 45, 55, 70 & 70 and NO improvements. Why? I have quite severe acne scarring which is both VERY RED (has been for years) and very obvious. I've had 4 treatments, the latest two on the highest setting with each treatment one month a part. I plan on doing a two more sessions MAX. Is there anything I can do or ask my doctor? I asked him to use setting 70 and still, my scars are so red and obvious just as they were before my treatments but now I'm down a couple thousand dollars. Please, detailed advice? I AVOID sun, AVOID vitamin A etc.

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No Improvement in acne scars after Fraxel Restore

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It may be hard for you to judge as you see your face every day. Sometimes the doctor can see an appreciable difference when reviewing the photos and your current skin. If there is no change, remember that there is improvement over six months after the last treatment and it may take you a while to see it. You could stop the series and wait a while and resume if you see more improvement or consider dermabrasion, Fraxel Repair (ablative fractional)  or ablative non-fractional carbon dioxide laser.

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Fraxel restore and repair for Acne Scar Treatment

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Consider Fraxel repair for the treatment of your acne scars.  A single treatment is usually more effective that a series of 4 to 6 Fraxel restore treatments.   Patients who have previously received

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