Skin Texture After Fraxel Restore?

I have heard that skin texture of non-damaged skin becomes rougher after Fraxel? I know Fraxel is supposed to smoothen the skin but is this correct? The skin may look like it has tiny needle pricks in the skin. Has anyone had this outcome?

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Skin texture changes after Fraxel

Skin texture improves following Fraxel. For several days there is a roughened slight sandpapery feel as the micro-columns shed their "cap" but overall the skin tends to rapidly smooth out.

Any needle prick appearance is unlikely unless you are viewing the skin through magnification. The small treated miro-columns close almost immediately and within a week it would hard to see anything even with a magnifying mirror.

New cell growth and collagen improvement make the skin smoother. A series of Fraxel Restore are usually undergone for the most visible effect.

The only way a person would have rougher skin is if the treatment were over aggressive for their skin type and the healing took longer. You do also need to follow post procedure skin care instructions seriously. A laser is a medical treatment and those who don't take proper care of their skin following can have unexpected results. Keeping your skin moisturized and clean while healing is important.

I'd recommend not using the same makeup or powders you've used prior. Once you've been given the go ahead to use makeup, stay away from heavy products that require scrubbing to remove. Lasered skin is sensitive and more healing is going on under the surface than you might expect.

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