Which Fraxel Restore Settings are Needed for my Skin Type?

What Fraxel Restore settings would you recommend for this skin type? As you can see I am Caucasian with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

I don't know what skin type I am ... I've had two test patches with Fraxel Restore. No hyper pigmentation. What would the best settings be for optimal results for treating texture?

My skin may appear a bit lighter in this photo because of the flash and because I was a bit younger (3 years ago).

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Fraxel restore for fine lines, pigment changes, texture, acne scars

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You need an evaluation in person to determine what characteristics of your skin you are trying to improve.  Skin type is not enough to determine settings on the Fraxel.  First you need to see an experienced Fraxel laser surgeon in consultation to see what bothers you and how your skin looks. Then, and only then, can the types and alternative treatments be recommended and a treatment plan decided with input from you as to your risk profile, and ability to have down-time. If there is sundamage with mottled coloration issues, in the brown family of color, then possilby the Fraxel Dual laser, 1927nm. may effect the best result. If you have more acne scars than fine lines, the 1550nm. Fraxel Restore can penetrate deeply and help resurface your skin better. The down time with these lasers is different. you may have swelling, redness and very light flaking with the Restore but you can have brown flakes come off with the Fraxel Dual for several days. Makeup is OK with the Restore by the next day or sooner,  but not the Dual until healed.

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