Fraxel restore scar/pigmentation. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

Hi everyone, I had fraxel restore 3 weeks ago & was really silly after 2nd treatment... I rubbed my skin off in the shower after 3-4 days. It was obviously the wrong thing to do cos now I've got pigmentation/scars. I'm so embarrassed about telling my dr this but am getting married in October so am hoping that it is fixable with further fraxel? I've stopped using vita c serum due to inflammation and am using Avene instead. I'm in despair and would like help. Thanks in advance

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Fraxel restore and pigmentation

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Fraxel restore is a great laser but if you are having a complication from the procedure you should return to your treating physician for evaluation.  You should not be embarrassed and you should consult him/her for their advice so that they can help you and correct the situation.

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