Fraxel Restore With Chicken Pox?

Several days ago I was supposed to get my first fraxel restor treatment on my face. Unfortunately, I am infected with chicken pox and chicken pox rash started appearing on my body on that day. So, I have to cancel my treatment. Luckily, my face isnt very much infected. The chicken pox spot on my face is countable with one hand (around 2 to 4). they small and are all located on right cheek. They are healing now. when can I get my fraxel? Or can I get my fraxel anytime now by avoiding right cheek

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Chickenpox scars should be treated as soon after occurence as possible

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Chickenpox usually lasts 5-10 days and remains contagious during the first 3-5 days, so I wouldn't attempt treating in the middle of an active infection.However the facial blisters are likely to leave a few scars. The scars should be treated ASAP ( in about 2 weeks ) in order to have the best results. The Fraxel Re:Store will be an excellent treatment to minimize scarring, but I would wait about 2 weeks.

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

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