Will Fraxel Restore on Lip Lines Cause Difference in Texture?

My doctor is suggesting Fraxel Restore for the area around my lips to reduce vertical lip lines. Can Fraxel only be done in selected area like this or will I end up with a different look to my skin or texture only doing one area and not the entire face?

Is there a another laser that might work better for these lines? The doctor's nurse is telling me to expect that I will have 10 days down time with the Re-store yet I am reading on this site that is not the case.

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Fraxel Restore is not good for vertical lip lines

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We have the Fraxel restore and Fraxel repair and I would never suggest the restore for this problem. The repair may help if the lines are not too deep. The best way to eliminate these are with a combo of CO2 and Erbium laser peeling, but this does have about 10 days of social downtime. For examples, please review my photos posted here on RealSelf. Lastly, I would probably go somewhere else. Why is the nurse making recommendations? The physician should be evaluating you and doing your treatment. Find a dermatologist that does his own work and doesn't delegate your treatment to the supporting staff (red flag). Take care, Dr. Groff

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Fraxel Restore Laser has low to no Impact on vertical lip lines

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Vertical lips lines are a real challenge. Fraxel Restore has very little impact on wrinkling and from my long term experience little to no impact on wrinkles caused by muscle contraction.

The lines radiating from the upper lip are almost always caused mainly by speech pattern. If you watch how you talk in front of the mirror, you will see how that is an important part of understanding why they are so difficult to remove - or improve. Even if laser is effective, in time you can re-create new lines simply by talking.

From the standpoint of laser--a fractional CO2 would be one way to help lessen the appearance, but if you tend to purse your lips in speech, smoke, or have the habit of pursing your lips in general, even then you may not be happy with the results.

To affect deeper wrinkles, your best solution may be a full surface laser, but then you do run the risk of having some color mismatch. A skilled surgeon or dermatologist may be able to feather the full surface with an fractional CO2 like Fraxel Repair so there is no distinct line of demarcation.

An alternate solution, though temporary, is the use of fillers. The less dense products such as CosmoDerm or Prevelle Silk can be used for fine lines above the lip, but they don't last long.

Some patients are happy enough with fillers like Juvederm or Restylane (which last longer) to redefine the lip border along with some lip augmentation.

There are physicians will use a tiny amount of Botox to minimize the pursing activity of the lip muscles, but you risk abnormal lip function and appearance, so even that is debatable.

Nissan Pilest, MD
Irvine Dermatologic Surgeon
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