Fraxel Restore Laser Trackmarks

I just recently had my 4th fraxel restore treatment. It's been 4 days since I had the treatment I have Laser trackmarks, little dotted track marks all over my face where the laser ran. Immediately after the procedure they were minute white marks and now they are brown. Could Somebody please explain why this happens? If these are infact wounds? Is this normal? I am panicking seriously because I wasn't told to expect this, and I need to know if it will heal. The settings were 70Mj , R3.

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Temporary marks after Fraxel

What you are describing is normal for many people. The tiny holes will look white and they heal in 24 hours but around a few days later, bronzing occurs as the dermal necrotic zones are expelled outward and the body makes them shed. This is what replaces the bad with good collagen. You should, of course, have a followup appointment with your doctor to get reassurance if your are concerned, that you don't have a different situation that needs treatment.

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