Fraxel Restore Laser After Juverderm?

Hello, 3 weeks ago i had juverderm applied on my facial labionasals. I developed on one side necrosis. The infection is gone. what I have is the redness. I have scheduled Fraxel restore laser surgery for next week. Would this laser have a negative effect on the area where i have the redness OR would it help in getting rid of the redness sooner? If the laser is not recommended can i apply it on the other areas of my skin that are not affected by the redness? thank you, Alex

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Fractional laser after necrosis from juvederm

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From your description it sounds as if you have experienced  an uncommon, but serious complication that can occur with any injectible filler.  Necrosis of this nature can occur even in the hands of a highly experienced injector.


Mother nature is very kind and tends to heal injuries surprisingly well if we help her along a little.  You certainly want to avoid reinjury of an area, and I would not recommend applying any type of energy to the area for a long time.  Also be very careful about sun exposure, as this may lead to excess dark pigmentation.  Your recovery from this injury needs to be carefully supervised by a highly experienced physician.  Hopefully the doctor who initially treated you fits this description and can guide you through the healing process.

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Fraxel after Juvederm necrosis

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Because of what you have gone through after the Juvederm it's my opinion that you should wait for a least a few months for Fraxel. Necrosis issues can take a bit of time to fully heal underneath and I wouldn't recommend any re-injuring of this area. Additionally, I wouldn't do a partial treatment on the rest of your face, as the rest may now look different than the previously necrosed area. Wait awhile and then have the Fraxel on the full face for the best results.

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