Fraxel Restore for Child's Chicken Pox Scars?

My three-year-old son has four Chicken Pox scars (max. 1 mm deep and 2 mm wide) next to his nose and two shallow scars on the tip of his nose. How soon should we start after he recovers from the illness? The only Fraxel treatment available around here is the one with the blue dye. What other procedure/s (settings, passes) would be best for him? What are the chances for a full recovery?

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Chicken pox scars

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Given the young age of your son and the newness of the scars, it is very likely that a significant amount of improvement will be seen with time. I do not think it is a bad idea to wait a while to see how much natural healing and improvement occurs before moving to a laser treatment that can be challenging on a young patient.

Fraxel laser is an excellent treatment for depressed scars. I will usually recommend the non-ablative fraxel - fractional erbium - or fraxel restore for depressed scars. The device with the blue dye will work just as well as the new device on these scars. Fraxel repair - fractional ablative CO2 - can also be used but is more painful and has more side effects and downtime and I am not convinced would be much better than the non-ablative fraxel.

Filler substances are also good for scars but probably less ideal for such a young patient given that his facial structure will undergo a lot of change in years to come.

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