Can Fraxel Restore Cause Fine Lines?

I would appreciate your opinion. I had a full face fraxel (restore) treatment 3 months ago due to my acne scarring. Now, I notice some new fine lines around eyes. Can fraxel cause new fine lines? Also, why do doctors insist on full face treatment?

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I have not seen Fraxel cause fine lines

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Fraxel treatments have improved, but not caused, fine lines.  Many factor can lead to fine lines, especially around the eyes.  The level of moisture in your skin, weight loss, etc.

Sometimes we see that when we treat a particular condition, another becomes more noticeable even though it was there before. We certainly see that when brown spots disappear and red spots are prominent.

Treating the whole face makes sense from many standpoints. If you can achieve 10% tightening around the entire face, then you would see more of an improvement than 10% around a set of lines without the tightening in the rest of the skin.

Maintaining even pigmentation is another reason to do the full face, as improving one area significantly will lead to disparity.  When you go to a car wash, you get the whole car washed even though the spots may only be on the left side of your car. The whole body of the car looks more lustrous after a complete treatment and your face does too.

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Fraxel restore for acne scarring

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I have not seen new fine lines from Fraxel restore, the treatment that is known to improve fine lines. Possibly there are other contributing facors such as more sun exposure, dryness, allergies, squinting, etc. that have caused more fine lines to develop around the eyes. Not all doctors insist on full face treatment. An advantage to the fraxel restore is that segmental areas can be treated without treating the whole face. If your skin is susceptible to hyperpigmentation, then maybe your doctor was concerned that you would get two-toned.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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