Will Fraxel Restore Dual Work for Hyperpigmentation?

Will fraxel restore dual work for hypepigmentation on light brown skin? Also will it work for flat scars that are discolored? Why have i read so many horror stories about fraxel, is it really that risky? I plan on doing it with a top doctor in NYC

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Hyperpigmenation and Fraxel Dual...

Lasers in an unexperienced hand is always risky.  Make sure you are getting treated by a provider who has been properly trained and is experienced!

Fraxel Dual is a great laser for hyperpigmentation and resurfacing.  I expect you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Good luck.  Hope this helps.


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Will Fraxel Restore Dual Work for Hyperpigmentation?

Thank you for your question. Fraxel Restore is a non-ablative, fractional delivery that results in natural collagen stimulation, which helps in improving fine lines, and may improve skin pigmentation.  Scars nay be improved by smoothening texture and reducing pigment. I would recommend being treated under the supervision of a Board Certified Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon for safest and best treatment options. I hope this helps.

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Fraxel Dual for pigmentation - pretreating to reduce PIH risk

Fraxel Dual was developed specifically for pigmentation issues. Because it is a laser, there is always the risk of post treatment hyperpigmentation (called PIH). When you mention light brown skin, the alert bells go off.

Skin that is already pigment-heavy is far more susceptible to that risk. I would imagine your physician will likely pre-treat your skin for a couple of weeks with pigment suppressors and select a lower energy first treatment to see how your skin responds.



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