Should I Get the Fraxel Restore by Itself or Would I Benefit from the Thilium?

My doctor has the new Fraxel Dual but my main problem is with texture (some acne scarring, fine lines, large pores). Should I still get the thilium or would that make the restore less strong? Also what about a surgical scar that still has some pigment, would it benefit from the thilium or is the restore alone better?

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Fraxel DUAL: Erbuim best for texture & Thulium best for pigment

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I own both the Fraxel DUAL and the Fraxel re:pair (CO2). The Fraxel restore's erbium setting is best for scars and surface irregularities, i.e., resurfacing. The Fraxel DUAL has an additional thulium frequency which targets surface pigment. For scars, in my practice, I suggest 4-5 treatments with just the Fraxel restore's erbium frequency, but i have continued with more erbium laser treatments every 4-6 weeks until maximum improvement is seen. Deep pigment within the scar usually improves with the erbium treatments only, so I would reserve the thulium laser until after the scar treatment is completed with the erbium laser. The Fraxel restore has an FDA approval for surgical scars.

Minneapolis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Thulium has been a great breakthrough with Fraxel

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Most patients get at least one combination treatment, combining the pigment-lightening 1927nm head and the original texture-improving 1550nm head. Then you can get 1-4 more sessions with just the 1550 to further improve texture.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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Fraxel restore vs. fraxel dual

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as most of your issue appears to be surface texture and not hyperpigmentation or other types of dark spots, freckles, sundamage, the Fraxel Restore might be better for you. It can help pigment in a scar on the face. The Thurium (Fraxel Dual) will give you 5-7 days of brown peeling that doesn't happen with the Fraxel Restore, as it is designed mostly to improve hyperpigmentation and brown spots from sundamage.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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