Fraxel Restore and Rough Skin Texture. What Should I Be Doing?

I had an aggressive Fraxel laser treatment for mild acne scarring a week ago. I'm assuming that it's Restore as this is my fourth one. I have very small white bumps (pimples?) in my chin and nose area, will these go away without help? Also, my skin is rough, almost like microscopic bumps under the surface. I have been using a B complex serum, pigment serum and sunscreen. My Dr. Wants to start me on Retinol in a few days. How will this help, and is there anything else I can do about this texture?

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Rough skin after Fraxel restore

This sounds like a normal postoperative course. Continue to do as your doctor instructs. The skin needs time to turn over the treated skin. When that had taken place, the roughness will resolve.  Retinol may speed the process up slightly. 

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