Worried To Get Fraxel Repair For Acne Scars and Skin Texture, Will It Work For Me?

I going to do Fraxel repair treatment next Monday and do not know what to do, I have seen many cases here on site and made ​​me think twice about. 20 years I have had acne and I have left many scars, small holes that bothers me. it is around the mouth. I still have baskets of sebum. But I want very much to have a face like a baby or even similar. just do not know what to do and even I would ask you to help me in this dilemma, I'm afraid not to destroy me, to be worse. Thank you.

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Fraxel Repair Laser is a great tool for acne scars.

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Fraxel Repair Laser is a great tool for acne scars, but may not be enough as a single treatment modality to achieve the optimum result.  In my hands, I like to combine extensive subcision with the Fraxel Repair Laser for the treatment of severe and extensive rolling type acne scars.  For patients who have extremely oily skin, I often put the patient on isotretinoin for one week before and one week after the laser treatment to reduce the oil in the skin.  This prevents oil from leaking into the laser holes and preventing good healing.  Oily skin will sometimes heal with visible laser pits.  Larger acne scars pits are punched out and sutured as a last step in the procedure.  Elevated scars can also be vaporized using a focused CO2 or Erbium laser as an addition step in the procedure.  Each case is unique and there is not one laser or other procedure that is right for all acne scars.   The treatment must be customized to your needs. 

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