Fraxel Repair Vs. Fraxel Restore - Which Eliminates Fine Lines Better?

I am 38 years old and take a photosensitizing drug (Amitriptyline) 20 mg every night. Is it possible for me to have Fraxel done on my skin? Can one single treatment of Fraxel Re:pair eliminate fine lines and get rid of eyes bags? Which is better, Fraxel Repair or Fraxel Restore?

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Fraxel re:pair vs Fraxel re:store

I use both Fraxel restore and repair lasers in my practice. The Fraxel repair's main advantage is that it will do a better job in treating deeper lines and also provide more skin toning. If you have fine lines, I think the Fraxel restore would be a better approach as their is no downtime. Your photo sensitizing medication should not affect your results.

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