Is Fraxel Repair Superior to Ultrapulse Encore Deep FX.

I'm skeptical what's the difference between these two deep CO2 lasers. The fraxel repair treatment is more expensive then the deep fx treatment and i need treatment for medium deep pitted acne scars. Not sure which laser to get?

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Deep FX offers reasonable results with some acne scars

I have been using the DeepFX laser for 3 years. I have no direct experience with the Fraxel repair. I have tried all of the following with acne scars: Roll CIT, dermabrasion, fillers, subcision and excision. For medium to shallow acne scars that do not have a sharp edge or border the DeepFX offers the best results. I advise patients that they should see around 40-50% improvement. We do one treatment. The results last about  a year, in other words the acne scars become more visible over time even after a successful treatment. I think the mechanism is stimulation of collagen (scar tissue) under the depressed scars lifting them up, and this slowly resorbs over time. The important thing I tell my patients is that the only cure for scars is excision.

Hope this helps.

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Lasers and scars

Realize that fractionated lasers take several treatments to achieve a satisfactory end result.  My recommendation is to understand what happens if your treatments do not produce the result that was "promised" and get any promises in writing.  Know what the doctor's revision policy is as to whether they will provide you a complimentary procedure, refund a portion of your fees, or how they will work with you to help yo achieve what you are desiring.

Curtis Wong, MD
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Neither works all that well for scars.

After having observed and performed CO2 laser, Fractionated Laser and multiple other procedures for scars, it is my opinion that none of them work all that well other than injections of fillers for certain scars and the modest improvements that occur with Intense Pulsed Light for certain scars that are red.

The costs of the laser procedures typically are huge and the results are slim, which makes patients end up disappointed and unhappy.  It's unfortunate that most patients don't see actual results (without makeup!) of the after pictures as that would lead them to change their mind, especially when compounded with the down time and pain/risks of the invasive laser procedures.

Joel Schlessinger, MD
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