Best Setting for Fraxel Re:Pair for Sun Damage

I'm thinking of having fraxed repair on my sundamaged chest area. What are the best settings and what pain relief is given?

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Fraxel Re:Pair for Sun Damage

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Fraxel repair dramatically reduces the sun-damage. As for the settings it depends on your skin type and treated area. The chest for example, is more sensitive than the face. We utilize the Fraxel restore or the erbium laser for treatment of the chest. One must be careful when utilizing fractionated CO2 (repair) laser of the face and neck.

Fraxel Repair For the Chest

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Fraxel Repair is fractionated CO2 laser at much deeper depths of penetration than other fractionated CO2 lasers.  Currently Solta, the manufacturers of Repair do not recommend Repair to the chest since this area has less follicles to aid in the migration of new skin cells.  Your best bet is to have several Fraxel Restore to the chest on a high energy which is much safer.  I have both machines and what we typically do is Repair to the face and neck within the recommended parameters and Restore to other body areas including chest and hands.

Fraxel on chest

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The Fraxel laser can be used on the neck and chest, but the settings must be much more conservative than for the face.  The chest and neck are more prone to scarring than the face.  Make sure you go to an experienced dermatologist who has treated these sensitive areas.  Do your research.

Mandy Lynn Warthan, MD
Dallas Dermatologist

Fraxel repair on chest

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The more aggressive the treatment, the better the result. The chest cannot be treated as aggressively as the face. Make sure your treatment is being done by an experienced dermatologist with a couple of years of experience with the repair. Over treatment will result in scarring. Choice wisely, Dr. Groff

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