How Long After Fraxel Repair Do I Need to Stay out of the Sun?

I just had Fraxel Re:pair done to the lower half of both cheeks for minor acne scars 1 week ago. When can I start washing my face with my regular cleanser (Purpose by Johnson & Johnson)? Also, is it ok to go running in the sun as long as wear sunscreen and have a hat on? I'm worried because I have read that I should avoid the sun for 3 months but, I am going to Costa Rica in 2 months. Will I be ok by then???

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Sun Exposure After Laser

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Sun exposure after laser resurfacing varies depending on healing. The risk is hyperpigmentation and basically undoing what you did with the laser treatment. Definitely be careful about sun exposure and talk with your treating physician about your concerns.

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Fraxel repair and Sun Exposure

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How long to avoid the sun? Forever! Just kidding.

You should consult with your treating physician for the answers to thes questions. The risk of sun exposure after Fraxel repair is hyperpigmentation. I would advise you to do your running very early or at sundown with sun block and a hat. Indoor treadmill would be preferred. To protect the investment that you have made in your skin, avoid much sun exposure in Costa Rica as well.

We have our patients cleanse with Cetaphil cleanser after 5 to 7 days.

Good luck and be well.

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