Are There Indicators of Future Complications from Fraxel Repair?

I am considering Fraxel Repair on my face, neck, chest for fine lines and crepiness. I have allergies, atopic dermatitis, and asthma (all well controlled with oral meds and monthly Xolair), as well as multiple drug allergies. My skin is light to medium in color, I am 52 years old and of mixed European descent. The scars that I've acquired over the years are hypopigmented and a few hypertrophic. Am I at greater risk for scarring, delayed healing, hypopigmentation or other complications due to any of these factors with Fraxel Repair? How can I tell? My dermatologist of 27 years has treated over 100 patients with Fraxel Repair and he would be the one performing the procedure.

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I wouldn't recommend Fraxel re:pair for your skin type

Fraxel re:pair is a very complicated and challenging procedure that is best done on patients who are in excellent health and have minimal, if any, underlying skin issues. During the healing process your eczema and other issues may play a role in delayed healing and I wouldn't recommend you have it done for this reason.

On top of this, it isn't all that amazing anyway for scarring, so you would be undergoing this expensive and potentially problematic procedure for little or no gain. Thank you.

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