When Will I See Fraxel Re:Pair Results for Wrinkles or Scars?

I'm 46-years-old and have had many laser surgeries. I've had CO2, Cooltouch, Thermage, Fraxel ReStore, etc. My acne scars have improved over the years, however I've had more scars and wrinkling I'd hope to repair. Thus, two months ago I had Fraxel Re:Pair done. According to the doctor (from NYU and well-known), results from Re:Pair are noticeable three to six months after the procedure (during the time which new collagen is produced). Although only two months have passed, I'm beginning to doubt there will be improvement. The doctor tells me to be patient. I'd love to hear other doctors' opinions on this matter. Specifically, I'd love to know whether the doctors (or patients) on this site believe that Fraxel Re:Pair results are expected in three to six months. Thanks.

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Lifestyle affects Fraxel re:pair laser treatment results

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Hi Gina,

Dr. Lupo has answered your question beautifully, I agree with her 100%. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and sun exposure all contribute to lessen the results of Fraxel re:pair laser treatments. I have seen both immediate as well as continued later improvement in acne scar patients following Fraxel repair. Everyone's skin and healing capability are different. Your results also depend on your Fitzpatrick skin type which affects the depth and density of your treatment.

Given the histological evidence, as well as what I have empirically observed in my own patients, I do believe that there is continued new collagen production and improvement of results over a 4 to 6 month period following the treatment. Have your physician take pictures at your next visit and compare them to your before pictures.

We also emphasize to patients that with acne scarring it may take anywhere from 1 to 3 treatments for optimal results. Be well.

Dr. P

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Improvement after fractional CO2 is incremental

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Fractional CO2 using devices such as Re:pair, Active and Deep FX, and Juvia, result in collagen stimulation. It is imperative that you discontinue smoking and ultraviolet light exposure as these two things DESTROY collagen. The wound healing that CO2 stimulates occurs over several months. I'd recommend that you get "after" photos incrementally so you can see the benefit. Like watching your children grow, when you see something every day, it can be hard to appreciate the progress. Only when you compare the before and after can you see the gradual, but real improvement. In addition, some people may need two treatments, and even then, severe and stubborn scars will be better, not gone. Check my link at the upper right for some examples. Good luck.

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