Is It Safe to Have Fraxel Repair After Restylane Injection?

Is it safe for a patient who has previously received Restylane injections to be given a Fraxel Repair treatment. If so, how long should one wait between Restylane an Fraxel Repair?

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Waiting period between fillers and Fraxel Repair

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The waiting time between having a dermal filler and an ablative laser treatment has no hard and fast set rule and different physicians have different recommendations.

I will typically recommend a 2 month wait following filler injections so my patietns don't risk untimely breakdown of the filler.

CO2 Lasers create intense heat in the same area within the skin where the fillers are placed and have the potential to hasten the loss of the effect. The Repair CO2 fractional laser actually evaporates tiny columns of tissue. This, along with the new collagen formation created by the heat, is one aspect of the laser that leads to skin tightening. It is also an aspect that will potentially "evaporate" some of the filler.

I'd recommend waiting those 60 days, or longer if you physician suggests more time.

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