Fraxel Repair or Restore for Acne Scars on Young Skin?

I am a 19-year-old girl with pretty good skin and a few acne scars. I have a small pock mark on my cheek and a boxcar acne mark on my head. I also have a surgical scar on my arm from a mole that was once removed (it now looks like a thick purple line). Would you recomend the Fraxel Repair or the Fraxel Restore for me?

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Try the Fraxel Re:store or TCA CROSS for limited acne scars

With just a few areas of scarring, I think that a less aggressive approach is appropriate. Give the Fraxel re:store a try or TCA CROSS prior to going with the Fraxel re:pair. There is no significant downtime with these, and you can always go for the more aggressive approach if you are not satisfied. 

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