Does Fraxel Repair Remove Sever Burn Marks? (photo)

Hi there, I have a nine year old daughter who has sever burn marks on her upper body (arms, chest and shoulders). I was told that Fraxel Repair is the ideal treatment, as it will remove 70% of the marks. I did some research and it seems that it's only good for removing wrinkles and make skin look younger. I'm not sure should I go ahead with Fraxel or do you recommend other treatments that are more effective? Thank you

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Fraxel for Burn Scars

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There have been some recent reports on the use of Fraxel for burn scars and Fraxel may improve the distinct borders of the scars as you show in your pictures.  Unfortunately, Fraxel will not "make the scar go away", only softening the appearance of it.    However, my main concern here is the age of your daughter.  As she is still actively growing, her scars may naturally change during that time.  This may result in fading and softening of the scars or also may result in widening of the scars as she gets larger.  I would highly recommend deferring any interventional procedure like Fraxel until she is a bit older.  

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