Does Fraxel Repair Reduce Pore Size?

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Reduce Pore Size with Fraxel Repair?

Pore size itself does not actually change, but the appearance improvements from the newly generated skin tissue does make it seem that pore size is reduced with Fraxel for many patients (but not all).

I'd not recommend that you undertake Fraxel Repair only for pore size reduction. Fraxel Repair is one of the most exciting technologies we've been given in a long time and it's a preferred treatment for resurfacing the skin with a very minimal level of downtime. But there's no guarantee you'd get the kind of response you may hope for.

About pores:

Skin that is "relaxed" seems to allow pore size to be a more visible problem for some skins. There are a number of treatments you could undertake to improve the collagen remodeling of your skin that would tighten tissue around the pore. These include:

  • Fractional resurfacing (both Repair and other CO2 fractional technologies)
  • Heat coagulation (fractional) like Fraxel Restore
  • Chemical peels of moderate depth

Even simple microdermabrasion and extractions performed by a medical esthetician hold the potential to improve skin appearance - and multiple sessions can help keep the pores unclogged, which is one big step in the appearance factor.

If you have a tendency to clogged pores I'd recommend you start with the simpler treatments. Many of my patients use the Clarisonic face brush with excellent results.

Proper skin care products for your skin type, cosmetics that don't accumulate in pores and proper cleansing can make some very nice improvements. A good dermatologist can guide you.

Another thought -- If what you perceive as pores are actually icepick scars from previous acne, then an evaluation by a dermatologist will help you understand all the options, which might even include punch excision and/or temporary fillers.

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Fraxel re:pair to Reduce Pore Size

Hi Kim,

I have treated many patients with Fraxel re:pair who desired improvement in their pores. I can think of many who are very pleased, and two that are not.

Fraxel re:pair does a lot to rejuvenate the face and to make patients look years younger. My experience with pore size is that there may be some improvement, but I would not have the treatment for that only.

The overall appearance of the skin is much better, but pores are still visible. In a way, it is a natural appearance to have pores, when they are completely absent the skin looks porcelain and unnatural.

Best to visit a physician who treats many patients with the re:pair, look at before and after photos, and then decide if the treatment is for you. It is a great treatment.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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