Healing from Fraxel Re:pair

I had Fraxel re:pair done 5 days ago. It's a slow healing. Read my story below and see what advice you can offer me.

I had Fraxel re:pair done last Thursday and am still miserable. How long is it usually before one looks acceptable enough to go out? I have much swelling bruising and extreme redness. Skin all peeling off brown skin. I'm using vinegar soaks and keeping Aquaphor ointment on continously. Please give more insight re: recovery and anything else I should be doing. Thank you.


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Healing After Fraxel re:pair

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Hi Beth,

Most importantly you need to stay in touch with your treating physician. It is normal to be swollen at 5 days, then at day 6 or 7 most of the swelling has usually resolved. At day 7-8 you should still be pink or reddish, but mineral make-up and/or skin tinted physical sun block may be used. Over the next 2 to 4 weeks your skin should return to its normal color. All of this is dependent upon the aggressiveness of the treatment, and the fine tuning of the individual laser.

See your physician to make sure that you are not having an allergic reaction or infection. I wish you a rapid recovery, be patient, and enjoy your more rested, youthful appearance. Be well.

Dr. P

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