Fraxel Repair with Q-switched Alexandrite Laser for Dark Circles?

Will the Fraxel Repair combined with the Q-switched Alexandrite laser also work for dark hereditary dark circles?

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Fraxel for dark circles

We are not advocates of Fraxel and Q-switched alexandrite for dark circles. We believe that the results are much more compelling using Restylane or Juvederm and the "tear trough" injection technique.

Since the dark circles are caused by thinning skin tissue under the eyes, the most effective way to treat the condition is to plump the tissue in this area.

Note that this technique is one that many practitioners have not mastered. The injections need to be placed "under the muscle". Make sure your practitioner has performed the procedure in this way many times before moving forward with it.

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Fraxel repair for dark circles

 I frequently combine these two lasers in one treatment session for the very best results.  Please see my photos if you would like to see some great examples of improvement in this area.  Take care, Dr.  Groff

William Groff, DO
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