Does Fraxel Re:pair to the Neck and Chest Show Lines of Demarcation?

Has anyone done Fraxel re:pair to their neck and chest? If so, are there any lines of demarkation?

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Fraxel re:pair and lines of demarcation


One of the great advantages of Fraxel re:pair over traditional carbon dioxide lasers is the lack of hypopigmentation which was the main cause of lines of demarcation. I have treated many patients on their neck and chest.

In patients who have had their neck and chest treated, during the first two months there is usually slightly darker skin in the treated areas if one looks closely enough. In the great majority of patients, that difference disappears, and it is very difficult to tell where the treatment ended, other than the difference in tone and texture. Usually color returns to normal. Be well.

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Lines of demarcation are rare, but they can happen.

Fraxel re:pair can indeed have lines of demarcation, even if done correctly. That is why it is best done on skin that isn't tanned and won't be tanned in the future if possible. When I tell my patients what to expect, I say that they can have a line at the end of where it is done and make sure that is OK with them. All in all, the tradeoff is a good one for people who don't live their lives in the sun. If they are sun worshippers, this procedure isn't for them. On the other hand, Fraxel re:store is fine for those who love the sun, but it doesn't have anywhere near the dramatic results that re:pair has.

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