Fraxel Repair Multiple Treatments Problems?

I have had 2 Fraxel repair treatments done at 70mj-60% without complications. I am planning to go to my 3rd treatment later this year, and I wonder are there any expected problems with multiple treatments? I am seeing good results with acne scarring and believe 3-4 procedures will reach optimum results.

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Fraxel re:pair Multiple Treatments

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Hi Dazed, Don't be "confused" (sorry for the Led Zepelin reference that I am pretty sure you have heard before). As long as you wait sufficient time for your skin to completely recover, there should be no expected problems with you having a third or even fourth Fraxel re:pair treatment. We have treated a few patients multiple times (4 has been the most) without any adverse events or complications. Their skin looks very good. It sounds like you have chosen an excellent physician for your treatments. Please keep us posted. Be well. Dr. P

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