Can Fraxel Repair Loosen Neck Skin?

I recently had Fraxel repair. Can Fraxel repair make my neck skin loose? My pictures look like I have roles in my neck. I am almost a week out. I did not have roles before this. I wonder if it is swelling, however yesterday my swelling went down. I understood Fraxel repair to tighten to some degree, but my neck has roles in it now.

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Fraxel Repair does not loosen skin

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Fraxel repair does not loosen skin no matter where on the face and neck it is performed.  In fact, the fraxel repair will do just the opposite and tighten skin.  You are only a week out since the procedure and you definitely have swelling.  This swelling can contribute to roles you are seeing.  Hang in there and wait it out.  I am sure you will see a great result.  By the way, the swelling can last for a few weeks.  Hope this helps!

Dr. Halem

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Fraxel Repair Laser will not loosen the skin on the neck. It is probably swelling.

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If you are only one week out since your Fraxel Repair laser, you likely still have some swelling.  I would be patient and check back with the doctor who did the procedure if you are concerned.

Mark Taylor, MD
Salt Lake City Dermatologic Surgeon
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