Fraxel Repair for Ice Pick Scars on Nose?

I am in my mid fifties and have relatively good skin but horrible lifelong ice pick scars on my nose. My plastic surgeon is suggesting Fraxel repair, although he doesn't have any before and after pics of ice pic scar results. Is there any information you can share?

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Fraxel Repair for ice pick scars?

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Fraxel Repair will potentially give you some visual minimizing effect of icepick scars, but don't expect it to make them go away completely.

Because the laser removes small columns of tissue, it almost mimics a much narrower icepick scar, but the processes of creating those columns (acne destruction or laser) are very different.

Longstanding scars of any kind take multiple procedures to improve as much as most people want. You may find that with several Fraxel Repair sessions you'll see enough change to make you happy, but the evidence is not there yet with this type of scarring.

One of the factors in why you don't see photos or icepick scar treatments using Fraxel Repair is that Fraxel Repair is a relatively expensive procedure and there is healing and downtime. Most patients simply aren't willing to pay the costs and the time.

Traditionally icepick scars are "fixed" most often by punch excision. This removes the "hole" and a small amount of surrounding tissue along with it. The interior of the old scar now can close up normally without the interference of acne bacteria that long ago caused the tissue destruction. You essentially end up trading a long deep scar for one that is shallower and possibly a little wider.

Theoretically, the Fraxel Repair could function as a microscopic-level punch excision on the area you are experiencing the problem, but with one treatment, there is little chance you will get rid of the scars to the degree you wish.

If you do undergo this process and get good results, please share with this community. You are certainly not alone in your quest!

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