Does Fraxel Re:pair Fix Hypopigmentation?

I have a lot of hypopigmentation on my chest from years of acne scarring. I'm fairly pale, but the scars are extremely white, so it looks like I have white polka-dots on my chest. It looks terrible. Will Fraxel re:pair fix this? Thanks!

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Fraxel re:pair for acne scars

Active Re:pair laser is very effective in treating the texture of the acne scar smoothing out your skin. It will not restore lost pigment but the areas where you have lost pigment will be less visible as the laser will fade the sun damage in the surrounding skin helping to create a more even skin tone. If your primary goal is fading of the areas where you have lost pigment, I would discourage you from having Fraxel. If you also want to treat the texture of your skin and as a secondary effect, have the white scars slightly less visible to blending of the skin color, then you will be pleased with results.

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