Will Fraxel Repair Help with Scars Left After CO2 and Fraxel Restore?

About 15 years ago, I had a CO2 Laser resurfacing done for acne scars that left me with redness, hypopigmentation, and hypertropic scars especially on my chin.

I recently had two Fraxel Restore treatments that gave very minimal improvement in texture and my doctor is now suggesting switching to Fraxel Repair for the more severe scarring although initially he had said he was more confident about the Restore so I would love some additional thoughts about this. Thanks for your time.

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Combination of Vbeam laser and Fraxel Repair will help you

To improve the reddness the Vbeam laser will help.

To improve the scarring and to blend the skin Fraxel Repair and Fraxel restore both work very well.

You have only done 2 treatments of the Restore and generally need more treatments before giving that up.

I would recommend you do 3 more Restores in combination with the Vbeam and if this did not give you enough improvement then try the Repair.

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Fraxel Repair for scarring and hypopigmentation

Fraxel restore and repair are the best lasers I have seen for improving scarring and pigmentary issues. It is reasonable to try the repair since the restore hasn't done much, although you reallly didn't do enough treatments to know for sure whether it will work or not. We combine a topical agent with our Fraxel repair treatments to help repigment the skin. I would also consider using the Vbeam perfecta during the treatment sessions (to treat redness).

Take care,

Dr. Groff

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Will Fraxel Repair help with scars left after CO2 and Fraxel Restore?

Hi Coda,

Fraxel repair is a more aggressive treatment for scars. Hypopigmentation from previous traditional non-fractionated CO2 laser treatment is difficult to reverse, but Fraxel repair is one of the best lasers available to help blend skin color. It is also very effective at improving texture from acne scars.

It is difficult to answer your question without examining you or at least seeing photos.

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
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